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What will hap more to-night, safe 'scape the king!
Lurk, lurk.
(William Shakespeare, "King Lear"; Act III Scene VI)

In a lurking-place I lurk,
One with the sullen dark.
(Theodore Roethke, "All the Earth, All the Air")


Effective Rust [2021-2024]: published by O'Reilly

Map of Rust Result/Option transformations. (short-link: tinyurl.com/rust-transform) [2020]

Fuzzing Linux system calls with syzkaller (at LWN) [2016]

Linux execve processing (at LWN) [2015]

Linux syscall processing (at LWN) [2014]

"High-Quality Software Engineering", a book about software engineering [2007]. Available as:

Linux/FreeBSD system call concordance [2014-2015].

Linux cross-version/cross-architecture system call concordance [2015].

A book on Lindy Hop (but un-illustrated, therefore probably of limited use) [2007, but released 2012].

Pynamo: Exploring the Dynamo paper in Python [2012]

Visual reference for Git [2011]

Beginner's Guide to Linkers [2005].

Rough guide to open-source licenses [2011].

Translation rosetta stone for scripting languages [2005].

Translation table for UNIX debugger commands (gdb, lldb, dbx, adb, sdb) [2007, 2014].

Collection of tips for making use of the Travis continuous integration system. [2015-2016]

Learning Clojure through the REPL [2012].

Notes on creating a decent printed copy of Paul Graham's "On Lisp" [2011]

A blog with random technical observations. [2011-2012]

A blog about setting up and tweaking a Mac OS X laptop (mostly for future reference if I ever have to reinstall from scratch). [2005-2008]

Another blog, including some more technical entries:

Review of, notes on and references related to Stephen Wolfram's "A New Kind Of Science". [2002]

A Tutorial Introduction to Guile [2000].

An article investigating similarities between C++ and Lisp [2000].

Software Projects

“Our almost-instinct almost true: what will survive of us is code”

Rust port of Tink cryptography library.

python-phonenumbers, a Python port of Google's libphonenumber for parsing and formatting telephone numbers [2011].

coset, a Rust crate holding types for working with COSE data

Test suite for the PKCS#11 API.

X.509 certificate test suite.

A button for Thrutu to allow lookup of the phone number you're talking to in Yelp [2011]. [Removed due to takedown request from Yelp (despite them approving in the first place and providing an API key).]

Equivalents of UNIX nm and ldd utilities for analysing Java class files and jar files [2011].

Android tool for exploring what libraries are already present on the system [2011].

xwindiff, a graphical diffing tool for X11/Unix [2000-2004].

A collection of C++ utility functions [2000].

A utility (Java applet) for converting between 32-bit floating point numbers and their IEEE representations [2002].

Tesserax – a Java applet game [1996].

replot, a PDE plotting tool for X11/Unix [1995].

A noddy stick figure animation program (as a Java applet) [2006].

A Java applet to test attentional blink [2006].

A MineSweeper game for PalmOS [2005].

PalmOS RoboRally game [2003].

Experimental changes to Maxima to provide a feature that translates Maxima expressions into presentation MathML [2003].

GridFont assistant Java applet [2001].


Bass guitar scales [PDF] [2019].

White noise audio files [2007].

Photo.net page.

Vanity links.

(PDF, 2648KB) Homoclinic Bifurcations in Partial Differential Equations [1994].

Spherical harmonics reference page [2007].

English grammar reference page [2007].

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