Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher, vanity of vanities: all is vanity
(Ecclesiastes; chapter 1 verse 2)

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ChromeOS Chaps Commits


Python Things

I wrote and maintain a Python port of Google's libphonenumber

My Pynamo toy implementation of Dynamo got used as the basis for part of a graduate course (CS 636 Operating Systems) in Computer Science at the University of San Francisco.

Based on investigation done by others, I contributed a Python script to list files in an iOS 4.x backup directory to a Stack Overflow discussion. Some researchers later used this as one of their tools to discover that iOS4 devices store a lot of location information.

Someone wrapped up my Django snippet to do "su" into an egg.

I contributed a patch to Paul Boddie's Javaclass library (which is Python code to parse Java class files) to support Java 1.5 and 1.6 class files. This code is the basis for my Java nm/ldd utilities.

C++ Things

I get an acknowledgement from Scott Meyers for doing some reviewing of the prototype version of his Effective C++ CD-ROM.


I was one of the inventors and creators of Thrutu.

Wall of shame: US8966012, US9930106B2, WO2012052705A1, WO2012052706A1, WO2012052708A1, WO2012052709A1, WO2012080731A1, WO2012110807A1, WO2012110804A1, WO2012175995A1, US20130101106 (abandoned)

Communications Protocols

I get an acknowledgement in a couple of LMP-related RFCs: RFC4204, RFC4209, plus I was listed as an author on the early internet-drafts for the latter (more for political reasons than technical reasons though).

Buried in a PowerPoint deck I get an acknowledgement as a contributor to the OIF's OFC NNI Demo Spec OIF2002.476.

Contributed a couple of EDNS0 patches to Wireshark for parsing EDNS0 sub-options in general and for parsing the sub-option from draft-vandergaast-client-subnet in particular.

Lispy Things


There's a discussion on comp.lang.lisp about an error (or possibly anachronism, as the article is from 1999) in my article about C++ and Lisp.


I get an acknowledgment about some errata I submitted for the second edition of Core Python.


My Guile tutorial now also lives at the GNU website here, with some other mentions here and here. There's also an updated variant that works with the current version of Guile here.

Mailing list discussions are here and here.


I get an acknowledgement for a tiny errata in 'The Go Programming Language'.


Mention of my MathML conversion module for Maxima on the Maxima mailing list.

Miscellaneous Usenet

Usenet posts are:
X Server Device Developers Kits
Generated code tight loops on HP-UX 10.20

Mathematics & Science

New Kind of Science

My review of, notes on and references related to Stephen Wolfram's "A New Kind Of Science" get a mention here. There's also a shorter version of it somewhere under the reviews.

On Usenet, the review gets, er, discussed in a thread here

And the man himself quotes the first few sentences (without attribution, surprise surprise).


I get mention for providing some corrections to Quantum Field Theory for the Gifted Amateur.

I also get a mention [PostScript file] for providing a bunch of corrections for the English edition of María Manzano's book "Model Theory".

My D.Phil. supervisor, Andrew Fowler mentions me in his CV and his list of what ex-students are doing now.

Miscellaneous Usenet

Posts on maths and science topics are:

I also get a mention here.


Computer Gaming

My PalmOS version of the RoboRally game was announced in here.

I get a mention in the Ratchet and Clank FAQ for contributing a tip.


Usenet posts on dance-related topics are:

Miscellaneous Usenet

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