Both the website and the printed version of this book were generated from a single set of common source files. The text content was written as fragments of raw HTML, together with detailed step-by-step move descriptions that were written using an internal notation system and converted into text using Python scripts written by the author.

For the website version of the book, these chunks of text were assembled into complete web pages, complete with links, using more bespoke Python and M4 scripts.

For the printed version of the book, bespoke Python scripts written by the author converted the text into TeX format files, which were then processed with XeTeX, in combination with a collection of plain TeX macros written by the author.

The text is set in Optima, except for the section headings which are set in Helvetica Neue.


Music notation samples were produced using GNU LilyPond. Most other figures were originally produced with Adobe Illustrator CS2, but a few were produced directly in SVG and converted to raster images with the assistance of Inkscape.